My body was carved from a chunk of steel by Apollo himself. Your’s looks like rotten pumpkins in a garbage bag.
Julian Orbit; Regarding a girl that doesn’t get the point
Julian Orbit - Carving Eagles

Friday night movie night? Here’s the soundtrack!

Meowcitybasketballpancakes turned 2 today!

Meowcitybasketballpancakes turned 2 today!


(11:21:22 AM) DJ ADDAC: ok so here’s my vision
(11:21:29 AM) DJ ADDAC: marky mark and the funky bunch
(11:21:32 AM) DJ ADDAC: snow
(11:21:39 AM) DJ ADDAC: vanilla ice
(11:21:41 AM) DJ ADDAC: eminem
(11:21:56 AM) DJ ADDAC: they all go on tour as a single act
(11:22:05 AM) DJ ADDAC: called, “Black men can’t swim”
(11:22:20 AM) dclawmgd81: lol

Rend the feeling the heat with painful feelings.
Julian Orbit mocking Japanese Rambo

Chis being a kook on his modified racing quad, rwd…..

Facebook Mumblings


(5:23:43 PM) alex200399123456: “You’re an idiot, you always have been; and I miss you terribly.”
(5:23:53 PM) alex200399123456: newest message in my facebook inbox this week.
(5:24:03 PM) alex200399123456: some hot chick I hung out with once but fucked with her brain for like 3 years.
(5:24:10 PM) DJ ADDAC: i was about to scream GAY
(5:24:20 PM) alex200399123456: LOL
(5:24:26 PM) alex200399123456: gonna let this one sit in the inbox for a bit.
(5:27:23 PM) alex200399123456: like what the hell is this
(5:27:38 PM) DJ ADDAC: its where i steal books
(5:27:43 PM) DJ ADDAC: jesus!
(5:29:24 PM) alex200399123456: dude…
(5:31:22 PM) alex200399123456: LMAO
(5:31:24 PM) alex200399123456: :D
(5:31:25 PM) alex200399123456: WANT MORE!
(5:31:27 PM) alex200399123456: MOARRRR
(5:31:29 PM) alex200399123456: lol
(5:33:32 PM) DJ ADDAC: I dunno man
(5:33:35 PM) ***DJ ADDAC slaps forhead
(5:33:41 PM) ***DJ ADDAC passes out
(5:33:55 PM) DJ ADDAC: took the bus today, I feel like my life is ending now
(5:38:30 PM) alex200399123456: lol
(5:38:34 PM) alex200399123456: fucking lame ass taking the bus
(5:38:42 PM) alex200399123456: I have no idea why this girl is coming onto me like this
(5:38:53 PM) DJ ADDAC: because she has a cock
(5:39:02 PM) DJ ADDAC: and realized what you’re into
(5:39:10 PM) alex200399123456: LMAO you sound like a fucking homo
(5:39:40 PM) DJ ADDAC: that was so fucking funny
(5:40:01 PM) DJ ADDAC: her shemale cock is waiting for you…

Gangs Of New York Was A Musical

image[17:31] <@orbit> Gangs of New York wasn’t a musical?

[17:31] * @orbit whole perception of the world is off

[17:32] <@orbit> talking to this chick and she’s like, “Whats your favorite movie?”

[17:33] <@orbit> me, “None, I hate them all. What’s yours?”

[17:33] <@orbit> her, “Gangs ofNew York! Have you seen it?”

[17:33] <@orbit> me, “I don’t watch musicals because I’m not gay.”

[17:33] <@orbit> her, “Musical?!????” (confused look on her face)

[17:35] <@orbit> me, “Yeah basketball diaries guy and there will be blood guy, all mustaches, tap dancing and singing… looks super homo.”

[17:36] <@orbit> her, “I… I.. I don’t think you… It’s not a musical!”

[17:37] <@orbit> me, “Sure it’s not, nice costumes. Won’t trick me into watching a musical.”

[17:38] <@orbit> can’t tell me after like ten years it’s not a musical

[17:38] <@orbit> the very reason we never watched it was because it was a musical

[17:38] <@orbit> fucking people

[17:44] <@dclaw> it wasn’t a fucking musical

[17:44] <@dclaw> idiot

[17:46] <@orbit> yes it was

[17:46] <@orbit> singing, dancing, mustaches

[17:47] <@orbit> called tronix and asked him, he sang the same Gangs of New York theme song as he did ten years ago

[17:47] <@orbit> he said leonardo has a huge dance number

[17:48] <@dclaw> lmfao

[17:49] <@dclaw> fine, it was a musical

[17:49] <@dclaw> bitch is retarded

[17:49] <@dclaw> I haven’t seen it either

[17:50] <@orbit>

[17:50] <@orbit> look at that shit

[17:50] <@orbit> as if they aren’t about to start dancing

[17:50] <@dclaw> poster means shit to me

[17:50] <@orbit> LOL

[17:50] <@dclaw> a screencap would be better

[17:50] <@orbit> DANCING

[17:50] <@dclaw> and it’s fugly

[17:51] <@dclaw> god damn it

[17:51] <@orbit>

[17:52] <@orbit> MUSICAL

[17:52] <@dclaw> yeah


(11:51:48 AM) DJ ADDAC: fucking arduino board
(11:52:01 AM) DJ ADDAC: is there nothing arduino can’t do?
(11:52:16 AM) dclawmgd81: must be an awesome GTS gaming system
(11:53:29 AM) DJ ADDAC: using a samsung note II to aim a missle
(11:54:07 AM) DJ ADDAC: one fucking ghetto ass war
(11:54:31 AM) dclawmgd81: yeah
(12:02:26 PM) DJ ADDAC: what are they fighting?
(12:02:28 PM) DJ ADDAC: jews?
(12:02:32 PM) DJ ADDAC: christianity?
(12:02:39 PM) DJ ADDAC: woman’s rights?
(12:02:42 PM) dclawmgd81: the oppressive government trying to kill them
(12:03:00 PM) DJ ADDAC: sounds like bullshit
(12:03:22 PM) dclawmgd81: you don’t pay attention to the middle east much, do you?
(12:04:30 PM) DJ ADDAC: not really
(12:04:49 PM) DJ ADDAC: I don’t live there
(12:04:52 PM) DJ ADDAC: why would I?
(12:05:03 PM) dclawmgd81: hah
(12:05:56 PM) dclawmgd81: I guess it’s not as big of a deal being canadian, but our stupid ass government here is all over that shithole… so, bullshit that happens there has some direct impact on us starting some new war
(12:06:09 PM) dclawmgd81: so far, we’ve stayed out of syria
(12:06:13 PM) dclawmgd81: thankfully
(12:06:21 PM) DJ ADDAC: I’ve never heard of the place until this year
(12:06:29 PM) dclawmgd81: seriously?
(12:06:33 PM) DJ ADDAC: and now its boring as fuck
(12:06:39 PM) dclawmgd81: that’s sad man
(12:06:48 PM) dclawmgd81: gotta at least know the countries of the world
(12:06:49 PM) DJ ADDAC: I know Damascus is in Assassins Creed
(12:06:54 PM) dclawmgd81: lol
(12:07:04 PM) DJ ADDAC: dude the whole place is “Persia” to me
(12:07:16 PM) DJ ADDAC: or India
(12:07:37 PM) DJ ADDAC: further east of that is Eurasia and Siam
(12:07:55 PM) dclawmgd81: sounds like you’re talking about a Risk board
(12:08:16 PM) DJ ADDAC: aren’t we all?
(12:11:13 PM) dclawmgd81: hah